10 Facts About 'AGT's Indigenous Popstar Brooke Simpson - Talent Recap (2024)

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10 Facts About 'AGT's Indigenous Popstar Brooke Simpson - Talent Recap (5)NBC

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America’s Got Talent has seen a lot of new acts and background stories this season. A contestant who continues to awe week to week is Brooke Simpson. This pop singer hopes to be America’s first indigenous popstar, and I’d say she’s on the right track to declare that title.

Brooke has travelled a long way in this competition. Since her audition where she sang “Cuz I Love You” by Lizzo, I knew she had the potential to go all the way. Now that we’re into the semifinal portion of the competition, she just keeps getting better and better. We’ve seen her on the stage, but here are some things you should know about this talented singer.

1. Brooke is a Member of the Haliwa-Saponi Tribe

Brooke is a proud member of the Haliwa-Saponi tribe. Throughout her AGT journey, she has emphasized that members of her tribe have been some of her biggest supporters throughout her time on America’s Got Talent. Her tribe has around 4,000 members scattered across North Carolina, Florida, and elsewhere.


2. This Is Not Her First Competition Show

In 2017, Brooke got a four chair turn on The Voice, way before America’s Got Talent was even a thought. In her audition, she sang a beautiful rendition of “Stone Cold” by Demi Lovato. During her season on The Voice, she was a member of Team Miley and even won third place in the competition. Since she had such a long run on The Voice, she had plenty of time to be interviewed…. which brings me to fact three.

3. Brooke Was One Of Our First Interviews On Talent Recap

Back in the day, our host, Mel, interviewed Brooke about her experience on The Voice and her amazing win in the battle rounds. Recently, we were able to connect with Brooke and talk to her once again. We were so excited to have her back on The Talent Recap show to hear about her run on AGT!


4. She Has Released Six Original Songs Since 2017

In December 2017, Brooke’s compilation album from The Voice was released. Since then, she’s been working on music of her own. Her first song after The Voice hit iTunes on February 2, 2018 and it was No. 130 on the iTunes pop chart the day after its release.


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Extra fact: this wasn’t the first time Simpson had her music on the Billboard charts. Her rendition of ‘Amazing Grace’ from The Voice brought the song back to No. 1 on the Hot Christian Songs Billboard Chart.

5. In 2020 She Worked With Michael Korte In His Tribute To Aladdin

In the past year, Simpson has played a very interesting role online. She teamed up with Michael Korte, a YouTuber who creates soul-shaking Broadway mash-ups. In this series, Brooke is the gender-reversed role of the genie.

6. She Is Thirty Years Old

She doesn’t look her age at all. Even though she’s thirty now, her voice is absolutely timeless. When you look on her YouTube channel her first video (posted in 2008) sounds so similar to how she sounds now.

Extra fun fact: Although she’s been singing since birth, she recorded her first song at only two years old.

7. She’s from North Carolina

Brooke grew up in Hollister, North Carolina, this area has been home for members of her tribe since the 18th century. Although she doesn’t live there anymore, she is still in touch with her fellow tribe members.

8. Brooke is a Body Positive Queen

Brooke has made it very clear that she is not going to let any person tell her how she should feel about her own body. After receiving hate related to her body and how she looks, she clapped back at haters on social media. You go girl.

9. Her Husband is a Producer, Writer, and Musician

Her husband, Ray Simpson was seen during her first AGT performance. He was playing the piano while she sang. The two have been married since 2014 and are happy pet parents.

10. Her TikTok is Filled With ‘AGT’ Excitement

Brooke has made it very clear that she is absolutely thrilled to still be competing on America’s Got Talent. She posted multiple videos of her in shock that she’ll be performing at the Dolby Theatre. These videos show just how thankful and excited she is to be in the competition, as she should be.

Be sure to tune in tonight to see if Brooke makes it to next week’s America’s Got Talent season finale.

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10 Facts About 'AGT's Indigenous Popstar Brooke Simpson - Talent Recap (2024)


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