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Efficient storage is the key

If there is one thing that makes living in Tarkov frustrating, it is the stash management. All players, especially those that bought the standard edition of the game will confirm this. Luckily, there are some tricks that will allow you to greatly increase your storage spaceand special Tarkov Containers that will provide additional storage capacity for certain asset types. Learning how to play with a 10x26 cell stash should be every new player's priority, so we will start by giving you some tips and tricks about stash management,then we will proceed to characterize all available containers to let you know which ones will be of the most use in any given situation. Thanks to this, you will be able to Buy Tarkov Cases that you need the most without any further research.

Basic Stash Management tips & tricks

Small stash is one of the most limiting factors of Escape from Tarkov, especially in the end game when players have a lot of loot and resources. Complying to the below-described hints will help you alleviate the problem:

  • Backpacks can be stacked - these Tarkov Containers can be put in one another, which means that storingan infinite amount of Tarkov Backpacks takes the same amount of space as storing just one. There is one requirement that a backpack has to meet for this to work, however: Its inner dimensions have to be the sameor bigger thanits outer dimensions. This means that this trick will not work with 3V G Partus 3-Dayand Oakley Mechanism backpacks, but a Blackjack 50 backpack will not only work but also "create" some additional storage space for you.
  • Every EfT Container in your stash can be filled with stuff - backpacks that don't hold other backpacks, Tactical Vests, and other containers can be filled with things to save the stash space.
  • Mods attached to weapons take less (or zero) space - use this to your advantage and mount your stashed mods on weapons that you don't currently use. A single firearm can be fitted with three optical devices and a flashlight, for example, and this does not increase its grid size. This method is a great way of saving some space without any additional Tarkov Cases.
  • Don't forget to fold your guns - if a firearm has a folding stock, fold it! This way it will take less space and you will fit more in your stash or a dedicated Tarkov Container.
  • Detachpistol grips and magazines from guns - this will make them take one less row of space, which translates to 3 to 5 additional storage cells per firearm. This is also a great way of maximizing the efficiency of your EfT Containers dedicated to gun storage.
  • Hoarding is a bad habit - if you have stuff that you will not use in the foreseeable future,sell it. This will free stash space for the stuff that you actually use. If an asset is easy to buy cheaply, you should not hesitate for even a moment; cast takes less space and is much more practical than twenty AK magazines...

A short guide o Tarkov Containers

Containers, just as the name suggests, are used for storing stuff. Different types can hold different assets, but they all have a thing in common; their inner dimensions are much bigger than their outer dimensions, which means that they effectively "create" additional storage space. Below, we present you with a list of currently available cases. With its help, you will be able to Buy Tarkov Containers that are best suited for your stash.

  • Ammo Case - used for ammunition storage. It allows you to "create" 45 additional cells for ammo storage. This one is a must-have as bullets can take unbelievably high amounts of space.
  • Documents Case - a small sash used for the storage of maps, cash, coins, documents, SSD drives, keys, and access cards. It takes just 2 stash slots and provides you with 16. It can sometimes be found on the Old Gas Station and in the Marked Room on Customs.
  • Dogtag Case - a very small, 1x1, Tarkov Container that allows you to store up to 100 Dogtags. This is the most efficient storage case in the entire game and you should definitely invest in one as you surely will collect some Dogtags during Raids. It can be bought from the Therapist at Loyalty Level 2.
  • Items Case - a container that quadruples the storage capacity of cells that it occupies (it takes 16 and provides 64). It can holdeverything, except other EfT Cases. You can get Items Case from LL3 Therapist or barter 20 Ophthalmoscopes for it.
  • Keytool - a very effective way of storing keys. It takes 1 slot and can hold 16. Investing in one of these is always a good idea as it is almost guaranteed to free up sixteen storage cells.
  • Lucky Scav Junkbox - a rather small, 4x4 EfT Container that provides a whopping 196 storage slots. It has some limitations, however, and it can only store certain barter pieces (energy elements, valuables, electronics, building materials, and other junk). It is sold by LL2 Therapist. Buy Eft Cases of this type if you have too many quest/barter items lying around.
  • Magazine Case - a box with compartments designed for firearm magazine storage. Using it will provide you with 43 additional stash cells usable for storing magazines. Available from LL3 Mechanic (completion of A Shooter Born in Heaven is required).
  • Meds Case - these specializedEfT Casescreate 40 additional cells for medicament storage. they are sold by LL3 Therapist; you can also barter 7 Medical Bloodsets, 7 Disposable Syringes, and 2 Vaseline for one of these.
  • Money Case - armored container designed for currency storage, it gives 49 slots and takes up just 6.You can barter 1 Roler Submariner Gold Wrist Watch and 5 Golden Neck Chains for it.
  • Mr. Holodilnick Thermobag - a portable refrigerator used for food storage. It gives you 55 additional cells for food and drinks. These Tarkov Cases can be acquired via barter from Jaeger.
  • Pistol Case - small container for handgun storage. It can hold pistols and ammo but is not too efficient.
  • Small S I C C Case - a container that is perfect for storing small things, like coins and Dogtags. It gives you 25 inventory cells and takes up 2. This Tarkov Container can be placed in your Secure Container which makes it a perfect asset carrier for Raids. You can barter one from LL3 Jaeger.
  • T H I C C Items Case - a large container that can hold everything except other containers. It takes 15 slots and provides 196. If you are interested in one, barter for it with Therapist or Buy Tarkov Items Case on our site. Buy EfT Containers of this type for maximum efficiency.
  • T H I C C Weapon Case - designed for firearm storage, it will allow you to store a whole arsenal in just 10 inventory cells. If you want one, you'll need 23 Bitcoins and very high standing with the Mechanic.
  • Wallet - small money container, less efficient but also a much cheaper alternative to Money Case. Scavs often carry these.
  • Weapon Case - cheaper and less efficient version of theT H I C C Weapon Case. It takes 10 inventory slots and provides 50 for the firearm, ammo, and mod storage in return. It can be bought from LL4 Skier or bartered for 9 Bitcoins from LL2 Mechanic.


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EFT Containers | Buy & Sell Escape from Tarkov Containers - Trade on Odealo.com (2024)


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