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Others are showing appreciation in other ways. Families at Houdini Ele- mentary School are planning to deco- rate the sidewalk outside the school with chalk. The hope, according to Hou- dini PTO member Michaela Michalski, is that the and teachers will see the encouraging messages as they come into school that Monday and (their) she said. try to do something (for Teacher Appreciation Week) every Michalski said. She and fellow PTO member Amanda Forster organized this the event.

They thought would be really nice to go outside, for our families to con- nect with each other and show their creative Michalski said. adore and appreciate our and teachers for all the hard work they do daily and all that they give to our stu- Area businesses have gotten into the mix, too. Last year, Taft Elemen- tary literacy teacher Tanya Olson was honored by the Neenah Walmart after she won a contest at the store, according to the Neenah school district. What gifts should I get for Teacher Appreciation Week? The been posed in area parent groups over the past few days, and members of the Facebook group Moms of the Appleton Area as well as teacher advocacy groups have answers. In the Facebook post asking about Teacher Appreciation Week gifts, several commenters who said they work in education and child care suggested gift cards to Walmart, Tar- get, Amazon or Kwik Trip.

These kinds of gift cards can help with classroom expenses; the NEA estimates that teachers spend an average of $500 to $750 of their own money every year on classroom supplies. As for gift cards and mugs, they suggest going this route only if you know for a fact the teacher likes a cup of joe. Other commenters suggest- ed deciding on a gift after learning what the teacher likes or needs in their classroom. Teachers and child care workers said they also welcome heartfelt cards and notes from their students and par- ents. The Wisconsin Education Asso- ciation Council said something as sim- ple as an appreciative email or text is also welcome.

WEAC also suggests to vol- unteer your time in your class- room. biggest thing we contin- ually hear from is that they ap- preciate the gift of time more than any- said Jim Strick, Neenah Joint School District communications direc- tor. You can also thank school on social media and advocating for public schools in your community. The Na- tional PTA also has a a Teach- toolkit on its website that includes social media graphics, a printable acrostic poem activity and a digital thank-you card. And, if a public school teacher like to thank pub- licly, WEAC also has a a Teach- form you can out online at wea-

NJSD superintendent Mary also said like to see parents and community members thank teachers and members all year round and the and heart they put into their work every day for our chil- Rebecca is a K-12 education reporter for the USA TODAY NET- WORK-Wisconsin. She welcomes story tips and feedback. Contact her at 920- 907-7801 or Fol- low her on (formerly Twitter) at Teacher Continued from Page 1A volunteers, we have been driven to make this decision. Our or- ganization feels that we are now stretched too thin to do this large event the proper Appleton provides public safety and logistical support for the July 3 event, and that will continue. Other- wise, there is no city money budgeted to replace what the Jaycees formerly think they booked or six bands, had food vendors and beer ven- dors and lots of porta-potties and things like that because it was more of a festival Woodford said.

have any of those Weather permitting, the Festival Foods Fireworks will light up the sky starting at 9:45 p.m. July 3 at Memorial Park, 1620 E. Witzke Blvd. Contact Duke Behnke at 920-993- 7176 or Follow him on Twitter at July 3 Continued from Page 1A APPLETON Northeast Wisconsin Technical former vice presi- dent of talent and culture Valarie Wunderlich is Outagamie new human resources director. Wunderlich started her new posi- tion at the county April 8 and will have an average $136,000 yearly salary.

She brings over two decades of hu- man resources experience, previously working as the director of HR opera- tions at EAA and the manager of Shopko stores. The position became available when Adam Westbrook resigned on Feb. 20 following arrests for child por- nography. Westbrook has since been charged in federal court with producing and possessing child p*rnography. Sophia Voight covers local govern- ment and politics in the Fox Valley for The Post-Crescent.

She can be reached with feedback and story tips at Outagamie County hires Wunderlich as new HR director Sophia Voight Appleton Post-Crescent USA TODAY NETWORK WISCONSIN The Outagamie County Government Center. WILLIAM TODAY NETWORK-WIS.

The Post-Crescent from Appleton, Wisconsin (2024)


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