Wedq Tv Schedule Today (2024)

1. WEDQ HDTV - TV Listings Guide

  • 12:00 pm. Hope in the Water. The Fish in the Sea - Season 1 Episode 1 ; 1:00 pm. Amanpour and Company. 06-21-2024 - Season 6 Episode 255 ; 2:00 pm. Dynamic Planet.

  • WEDQ HDTV schedule and local TV listings. Find out what's on WEDQ HDTV tonight.

2. WEDU PBS TV Schedule

  • Find the TV schedules for your PBS stations WEDU and WEDQ. Plus, see schedules for Create TV, World Channel, PBS Kids and the Florida Channel.

3. TV Schedule for PBS Plus (WEDQ-DT4) Tampa, FL HD

  • Monday, June 17th TV listings for PBS Plus (WEDQ-DT4) Tampa, FL HD. Today · Tomorrow · Wednesday, Jun 19 · Thursday, Jun 20 · Friday, Jun 21 · Saturday, Jun 22 ...

  • See the upcoming TV listings for PBS Plus (WEDQ-DT4) Tampa, FL HD

4. How To Watch - WEDU PBS

  • We offer six channels and numerous ways to watch. Watch WEDU PBS anytime, anywhere! Watch on TV or stream online. WEDQ is home to even more of what you love and ...

  • None

5. WEDQ PBS Kids - TV Listings Guide

6. TV Schedule for PBS Plus (WEDQ-DT4) Tampa, FL

  • Sunday, June 23rd TV listings for PBS Plus (WEDQ-DT4) Tampa, FL. Today · Tomorrow · Tuesday, Jun 25 · Wednesday, Jun 26 · Thursday, Jun 27 · Friday, Jun 28 ...

  • See the upcoming TV listings for PBS Plus (WEDQ-DT4) Tampa, FL

7. All Shows - WEDU PBS Video

  • Full list of past and current PBS shows. Find show websites, online video, web extras, schedules and more for your favorite PBS shows.

8. WEDQ-TV Sign-off | Signons and Signoffs Wiki | Fandom

  • We hope you have enjoyed today's programming, and now invite you to tune to ... This concludes the broadcast of WUSF-TV's regular program schedule. We hope ...

  • This begins another broadcast day on WUSF-TV, Channel 16 in Tampa, Florida. Channel 16, with studios at the University of South Florida and transmitter on Boyette Road, broadcasts daily on an assigned frequency of 482 to 488 megahertz, with an effective radiated power of 1,053 kilowatts, as authorized by the Federal Communications Commission. WUSF-TV is licensed to the Florida State Board of Regents and operated by and for the University of South Florida. We hope you enjoy our broadcast day. Thi

9. Public Television Broadcast - 100 Years from Mississippi

  • WEDU PBS & WEDQ, Tampa Fl. Wednesday, February 22nd at 4:59pm (MT). Monday, February 27th at 9:00pm (ET). Tuesday, February 28th at 5:00am & 11:00am ((ET) ...

  • PUBLIC TELEVISION BROADCASTS Watch 100 Years from Mississippi on Public Television Stations around the country through our partnership with American Public Television. Local listings are updated below as they are announced: UPCOMING BROADCASTS 2023 STAY TUNED! PAST BROADCASTS 2023 WEDU PBS & WEDQ, Tampa Fl Wednesday, February 22nd at 4:59pm (MT) Monday, February 27th at […]

10. Where to Watch - The Florida Channel

  • The FLORIDA Channel's coverage also airs on public, educational and government access channels across the state. Choose your location…

  • The FLORIDA Channel's programs may be seen throughout the state on local channels operated by the following PBS affiliates:

11. Stations for Tampa, Florida - RabbitEars.Info

  • Display Channel, Digital Channel, Call Sign, Network, Nickname, Hours, Notes. WEDU, TAMPA, FL. 03-1, 13.3, WEDU-HD, PBS, "WEDU". WEDQ, TAMPA, FL.

  • Disclaimer: Though every attempt is made, accuracy cannot be guaranteed. RabbitEars reserves the right to delist any station, ownership group, network, or other entity noted on RabbitEars at any time and for any reason.

12. [PDF] SPECTRUM TV PACKAGES - On Top of the World Clearwater

  • Charter issued digital receiver or CableCARD required to view programming channels, except for Basic Service viewable with ... 617 WEDQ - PBS Kids. 618 WEDQ ...

13. TV Station WEDQ - Station Information - FCC Public Inspection Files

  • WEDQ TAMPA, FL ; Virtual Channel 16 ; Frequency 590.0 ; RF Channel 13 ; License Expires: 02/01/2021 ; Licensee: FLORIDA WEST COAST PUBLIC BROADCASTING, INC.

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14. Florida Focus, Z School's signature program, takes second place in ...

  • 9 hours ago · The program will maintain its broadcasting schedule on WEDQ, airing every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday evening at approximately 6:55 p.m..

  • University of South Florida

15. PBS Livestream

  • To view PBS Live TV, you must choose a station. · Our Sites · Learn More · Connect With Us.

  • PBS Livestream

16. WEDQ airs local TV doc 'Because of Sam' in honor of World Down ...

  • Mar 16, 2021 · ... guide with pre- and post-tests. With more attention given to social issues of developmental differences, Warmack hopes the TV debut of ...

  • Because of Sam, a locally produced TV documentary over 10 years in the making about a Tampa man with Down syndrome, makes its television debut on WEDQ on March 21 in honor of World Down Syndrome Day.

Wedq Tv Schedule Today (2024)


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