Yinlin is a 5-starWuthering Wavescharacterwith an electric element and whose weapon type is the Rectifier, she shines mainly for her good role asSupport DPS. She could function asMain DPSif you wanted, but it would not be the most optimal in her case.

She stands out for being a character who deals a lot of damage in the area, something that is always appreciated since on many occasions we will face groups of enemies and in addition to this, she is the typical character who will be doing considerable damage off the field, which That’s something we always appreciate a lot in games of this type.

She can fit into any team because in the end she alone will provide very interesting passive damage (and also in area, although it has its complications) but the most optimal thing is to take her along with an electrical elementMain DPSdue to her Final Skill; Now anyway we are going with her entirekit.



  • Basic ATK: Combo of 4 melee attacks with a medium range distance.
  • Charged ATK: A circular blow with medium range.
  • Air ATK: If you attack in the air you will send the rope (the puppet) plummeting towards the ground causing damage.
  • Evasive Counter: You must perform a basic attack after performing a perfect dodge to perform a powerful counterattack.


Rope will hit the target causing damage in a small area and after this Yinlin will enter “Execution Mode” in which the purple rope that we apply to enemies when hitting them with Basic ATK (Mark of the Sinner)will turn red. In this mode you can do 2 things:

  1. You then perform the Resonance Skill again to perform “Lightning Execution”, which will lead to another area attack, this one more powerful. This would be ideal if you want to do a quick rotation, since Yinlin takes a long time to launch this attack, you can rotate another character between when shecaststhis one.
  2. You perform 4 actions (where action is considered to perform any Basic ATK or Evasive Counterattack, performing the combo of 4 basics would be 4 actions while with an Evasive Counterattack it would be 1 so it would also be valid to perform a combo of 3 basics and an Evasive Counterattack between medium, or 2 and 2… well, now you understand), this will cause all enemies strung by your red rope to receive damage (this is known as “Electromagnetic Explosion”). By consuming the 4 actions you can finish with “Lightning Execution” (use the Resonance Skill again as we indicated in the first point). This combo will do much more damage in the area, but we will also spend more time on the field, so decide at your own discretion based on what best suits you in each situation.


The Circuit bar of Yinlin’s Forte is called ”Judgment Points” and by filling it completely we can perform a powerful Empowered Charged ATK that will deal area damage around Yinlin. Additionally, if we hit enemies affected by “Mark of the Sinner”, we will apply an even more powerful and much more attractive mark (something similar to a triforce surrounded by a circle) for 18s.

  • Mark of the Sinner: It is the purple rope that we have been mentioning during thepost, it does not have much mystery, we will simply apply this mark when hitting enemies with most of Yinlin’s skills. You will see how the enemies have a thread that connects them to Cuerda. This mark disappears if Yinlin leaves the field, so only she herself when she is on the field will gain the benefits from it.
  • Mark of Punishment: It is the most powerful mark that we will apply to the enemies we hit with the Charged ATK enhanced by the Forte Circuit. When we hit an enemy affected by this Mark we will damage all enemies affected by the Mark of Punishment (this damage is known as “Blow of Judgment”), this can occur once every second. The best thing is that this mark is maintained even if Yinlin leaves the field, so she will deal passive damage even if another character is on the field, which is the idea.


Yinlin will hit the same target 7 times, dealing very considerable damage. For further optimization,ideally you should hit a target with the Mark of Punishmentto also damage all enemies with said mark; It is not essential, but in general it is the most optimal.


Yinlin will enter the field performing some quick heel strikes, as an additional contribution, so that you know that this attack can make aparry.


By rotating an ally having filled the circle that indicates that we can now use the Ending and Intro Skills, we will apply abuffto said ally that will increase their Electrical Damage by 20% and their Resonance Release damage by 25% for 14s. This effect is only transferable to one character, it will be lost when you rotate again.


  • Immersion in Pain: Increases Yinlin’s CRIT Chance by 15% for 5s when performing the first hit of the Resonance Skill.
  • Deadly Focus: Increases the damage of “Lightning Execution” (when you use the Resonance Skill and then use it again, this second hit) by 10% if you hit enemies marked with “Mark of the Sinner” (which applies easily by simply attacking) and by the way, activating this condition will also increase your ATK by 10% for 4s.


  • BO1 – The Crossroads of Morality: The first hit of the Resonance Skill and the second (you know, when you activate one and shortly or instantly activate the next one) deal 70% more damage.
  • BO2 – Trapped by Relationship: Electromagnetic Explosion (when you use Basics with the strings in red after using the first Resonance Skill) recovers 5 points of Forte Circuit and 5 of Resonance Energy (remember that you can activate this effect up to 4 times) .
  • BO3 – Ruthless Verdict: Increases the damage bonus of Judgment Strike (the passive damage we deal to enemies with the “most powerful” mark, Mark of Punishment) by 55%.
  • BO4 – Firm Conviction: +20% ATK to the entire team for 12s when hitting an enemy with Strike of Judgment.
  • BO5 – Rough Will: Resonance Release deals 100% more damage to enemies affected by the Mark of the Sinner or the Mark of Punishment.
  • BO6 – Search for Justice: 30s after launching Resonance Release, we will activate an attack called “Furious Thunder” that causes very considerable damage to the enemies we hit with the basic ones. This can be activated a maximum of 4 times and is considered Resonance Skill damage.


You could play her asa Main DPS, but she serves a better role asa Support DPS. The most optimal thing to get the most out of hiskitwould be to use his first activation of the Resonance Skill, perform 4 Basic ATK, activate the second Resonance Skill and there launch the Empowered Charged ATK if you have the entire Circuit bar of the Forte at the same time. maximum (with this combo you almost fill it completely if you had it empty, otherwise you can do some more basic) and after that of course launch the Resonance Release if you have it ready and then rotate.


If due to the circ*mstances you have (your team, enemies, etc.) you need to perform a faster rotation. You can use the 2 Resonance Skills in a row and then roll the Forte’s Circuit Empowered Charged ATK and/or Resonance Release if you have them available.

Of course it will also be relevant to load the Intro/End Skill circle in order to be able to grant theElectric Damage and Resonance Releasebuff to ourMain DPS, which ideally will be of an Electric element (for example Calcharo) or at least will benefit a lot of that Resonance Release damage. It is not so necessary to go with characters of this type since Yinlin will continue to provide interesting passive damage without taking that into account, but it would be the most optimal.



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