Dr Bizzaro Bubble Tea Menu (2024)

1. Order Dr. Bizarro - Plaza Carolina Menu Delivery in San Juan, PR

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  • Use your Uber account to order delivery from Dr. Bizarro - Plaza Carolina in San Juan, PR. Browse the menu, view popular items, and track your order.

2. Dr. Bizarro | San Juan - Facebook

  • Refreshingly hydrating coconut water with strawberry pop boba, maraschino cherry and blue flower tea. Dr Bizarro Miramar Foodtruck Park ☎️ 939-903-4040 Dr ...

  • Vedi post, foto e altro su Facebook.

3. Order Dr. Bizarro - Miramar Menu Delivery in San Juan - Uber Eats

4. Dr. Bizarro - Miramar Delivery Online - Postmates

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  • From any restaurant in San Juan • From tacos to Titos, textbooks to MacBooks, Postmates is the app that delivers - anything from anywhere, in minutes.

5. Dr. Bizarro - UVA!

6. Dr. Bizarro | Discover Puerto Rico

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  • At Dr. Bizarro you’ll find drinks inspired by popular culture, that is, movies, comics and television series. The Dr. Bizarro food truck is currently located in Miramar Foodtruck Park and our goal is to open new locations soon. In our menu, will surprise you with the many varieties and creations from our laboratory. First, you choose if you want a bubble tea with ice only, with ice and milk, granita: milkshake with water or milkshake: milkshake with milk. Then, you choose the flavor ... And finally, you select the topping of tour liking (like cotton candy!)

7. Voltage Bubble Tea's | Mr.Broast

  • Voltage Bubble Tea's · Add to wishlist. Caramel. Blended Caramel with Ice and Milk, drizzled with our caramel syrup. · Add to wishlist. Cookies n' Cream · Add to ...

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8. MENU | Dr Bizarro

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  • © 2024 by Dr. Bizarro Franchising LLC. 

9. Dr. Bizarro: más que un negocio tradicional de bubble tea

  • Feb 26, 2020 · Prontamente, buscará incorporar el alcohol en su menú de bebidas en este nuevo local, aunque no tomará protagonismo, factor que el foodtruck en ...

  • El local es un negocio con concepto laboratorio de té de burbujas, inspirado en la cultura japonesa

Dr Bizzaro Bubble Tea Menu (2024)


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