Food 4 Less Fuel en Long Beach, CA (2024)


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+1 562-220-2373

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6700 Cherry Ave, Long Beach, CA, 90805

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2.5 kmMetro;Long Beach

2.7 kmParamount

3.3 kmMetro;Paramount


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Hoy 05:00 – 23:00

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Horario local (Long Beach) 14:17 viernes, 28 de junio de 2024

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lunes05:00 – 23:00
martes05:00 – 23:00
miércoles05:00 – 23:00
jueves05:00 – 23:00
viernes05:00 – 23:00
sábado05:00 – 23:00
domingo05:00 – 23:00

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8 opiniones sobre Food 4 Less Fuel

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Luke P.

Tu valoración: 2
Long Beach, CA

I am giving 2 stars for the low price of gas. I have been to this location several times, day and evening, and noticed long lines for gas. I really don’t mind waiting 510minutes for gas. However what I really don’t understand is why food 4 less does not enforce a unidirectional way for pumping gas, like those of costco gas stations.
Today, i have noticed two customers yelling vulgar languages at each other, because one of the customer car was facing where other car was coming out. All this could have been prevented if only food for less have unidirectional line for pumping gas.

Bonnie S.

Tu valoración: 5
Buena Park, CA

Am I picky about my gas? NO! I will take it. Costco? Sams? Arco? Chevron? Anything as long as I can pay the lowest amount.
Getting gas here is a happy half way point if you can’t reach your closest Costco Gas location and it is even more convenient that is off the Cherry exit on the 91. Yes it can be busy at times but it is worth for the cheap gas. So the secret is you don’t have to spend $ 100 at only Food4Less, if you spend $ 100 at Ralphs too, you can qualify for the 10 cent discount.

Jay L.

Tu valoración: 5
Long Beach, CA

If you have a food 4 less gas card it is 3.55 /​gal shop and spend 100 and get a discount ez right!

Angie K.

Tu valoración: 4
Anaheim, CA

If I could give this place 4 ½ stars I would. Cheap! If you’re looking for cheap gas without having a membership this is your spot. The other day I pumped gas for $ 3.57, normal stations were $ 3.77. Costco is normally a little higher than here.
The reason it’s not a 5 is the card readers do not always work. I like the convenience of swipping my card. I had to walk up to the attendant, and swipe, and that took more time since everybody had to. People like to solicit while you’re pumping gas as well.
If you go in the evening it is crazy. There are a ton of people and the way to get in and out isn’t always easy with too many folks. It’s on my way to work so in the am it will be clear and easy sailing. If you’re buying between the hours of 56:30, expect there to be a line.
The pumps do reach to the other side of your car. There is only one pump on each side. Many times it’s easier to pull in and just have the hose reach across the back of your car.
If you need groceries Food4Less is there, and Target, Taco Bell are in that same plaza as well.

Danielle M.

Tu valoración: 3
Los Angeles, CA

This is normally the cheapest gas in the area. But expect long lines for that reason. It’s also by the Food 4 Less so it’s hard to get in and out of. If you spend $ 100 or more a month on food, you get a $.10 a gallon discount. Not all the times does the card work, so we just stopped shopping at the market. Honestly, 10 gallons only saves you a buck. I’d rather save myself the headache and grief of arguing with someone over a dollar.

Tonus D.

Tu valoración: 4
Long Beach, CA

Good location, great prices and they always have a lot of specials that are in line to what me and my family eats. My first choice for grocery shopping.

Javier L.

Tu valoración: 5
Long Beach, CA

Super Cheap! Cheaper than Costco gas! When I go there, there are not that many people. Pretty cool place if you want the lowest cost gas!

Briana R.

Tu valoración: 5
Long Beach, CA

I love this gas station! It’s the cheapest one in the area and if you have a fuel card you can save 10¢! It’s even cheaper than costco!

Food 4 Less Fuel en Long Beach, CA (2024)


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