Private room at Holleman Drive West, Bryan | Erasmus Play (2024)

The Zone College Station is a student housing in Texas located at Holleman Dr West, College Station, 77840, United States. It is one spectacular, lovely and affordable student housing in College Station. This one-bedroom shared apartment is a lovely addition to your college experience. Texas A&M University and Texas A&M College of Science are both located close to this property, easing your commute.

When you choose the Zone Apartments College Station, you are at the center of some of the most happening places in the neighborhood. The George HW Bush Presidential Library and Museum, Kyle Field Stadium, and Bee Creek City Park are some of the best places surrounding the property.

The Zone College Station shares the average Texas weather of snowy winters and long stretches of clear blue summer skies. So, when you choose to stay at the Zone Apartments College Station, the subtropical climate will keep you in high spirits. Also, when you are living at the 2001 Holleman Dr W, you are living in the 4th best neighborhoods in Texas, according to Forbes.

Enjoy chicken burgers and desserts at Burger Mojo or Subway. You will also find multiple restaurants serving Mexican food around the area, like the Coco Loco or Los Cucos Mexican Cafe. A little further from the neighborhood, you will find shopping malls like Parkway Square and Southwood Centre.

If you are up for a tourist-like walk near the neighborhood, then Reveille Memorial Park and Bonfire Memorial Park are good places to start. The city is full of many other parks, museums, and art galleries that you can explore on your free day. And when you’re tired from the day’s worth of exploring, you can come back to your student housing at the Zone College Station.

Keep reading to find out more about the features of the Zone College Station property and everything worth exploring around it.

A booking deposit of $200 must be paid beforehand.

Our Resident Housing Contracts are installment based, in which a total contract amount can be paid in full at the beginning of the lease, in two semester installments, or in 12 equal monthly payments. If you’ve chosen the option to submit the total contract amount in 12 monthly payments, each of those installments are due on the 1st of each month, including August 1st and September 1st.

You can pay through Amex Cards, Credit/Debit cards or International Bank transfer.

If you do not meet the qualifying criteria when applying individually (proving you make 2 times the monthly rent) or fail to pass our background and credit check then you will need a guarantor or to pay the entire lease term up front.

If you do not qualify individually or have a guarantor to sign with, we’ve partnered with Leap, a lease guaranty service, to offer an additional way to qualify. Visit to learn more!

• If you are a student, you can enroll in our Guarantor Waiver Program through your online application. The cost for this service is $37 per month to be paid directly to the property with your monthly installment amount. Please contact the property directly for detailed instructions on how to select this option on the online application.

There is no cooling off period as of now.

If you are attending Texas A&M University, then The Zone College Station is one of the best choices for student housing. The property offers you a one-bedroom and one-bathroom style apartment near the university. With private rooms and a private ensuite bath, the Zone Apartments College Station ensures high privacy for all its resident students. Every The Zone Apartment is fully furnished for the utmost convenience of its residents.

The room is spread across an area of 565 sq ft and is furnished with a cozy bed and a study desk where students can comfortably work while away from the university. It also offers a desk and chair along with a wardrobe to store student belongings.

The private kitchen within the Zone Apartments College Station is equipped with a microwave, a refrigerator, and a sink for all your cooking adventures, the good ones and the bad ones. Apart from it, you will also find a vacuum cleaner and an ironing board to keep your image on peak at all times.

Outside of your private room, the Zone College Station offers you a common room and an outdoor garden where you can meet other residents of your student housing at College Station. If you also own a car or bike (which might be a good idea at College Station), you can keep it at the car parking or the bike storage.

Being one of the closest student housing in College Station to Texas A&M University, The Zone College Station is also close to some of the most hip places within the neighborhood. Whether you want to explore the food, the lifestyle options, or simply want to visit the most popular tourist attractions, you are at the right place.

That said, the closest thing to the Zone Apartments College Station might be Burger Mojo and Whataburger, burger joints selling some amazing ham and chicken burgers along with some desserts. However, if you are not looking for fast food, then you can try some ribs and briskets at C&J Barbeque, a few blocks away from the property.

Get your morning coffee at Starbucks or fresh tea at HTeaO to start your day strong. If you are not at the university, you can take your lunch Asian style at the Oishi Sushi Asian Fusion restaurant. However, if you are craving Indian cuisine, head over to the TAZ Indian Cuisine restaurant at the Southwest Pkwy.

Shopping malls are other places close to The Zone College Station. If you are looking to shop for fashion, then the Warehouse at C.C. Creations is a good place to explore affordable clothing. However, if you want to check out something unique, then Threads Boutique can be a place to visit. Stores for daily necessities like H-E-B, Walmart, and Target are a short drive away from the property as well. Apart from these, Baylor Scott & White Medical Center is the closest hospital near The Zone College Station.

When you are done eating and shopping, you can visit the George HW Bush Presidential Library & Museum to get a glimpse of former President George Bush’s life. Play with pet dogs at the Steeplechase Dog Park or enjoy some quiet time at the John Crompton Park. Get to know more about Texas A&M University by visiting the Bonfire Memorial Park, which celebrates the history and the Aggie tradition of the university. Visit the city mascot at the Reveille Memorial Park.

The Zone College Station is located in close proximity to the Texas A&M University campus. So, the best way to travel around would be to walk. However, for longer distances, you may want to choose buses. The closest bus stop to The Zone Apartments College Station would be the College Station bus stop at Dominik Dr.

Another option for commuting is to get a bike or a car. A ChargePoint Charging Station is just a few steps away from the property. You will also find a petrol pump (gas station) at 2111 Holleman Dr W. If you are a Texas A&M University student, you can avail of the Texas A&M Bus Service. Its Hullabaloo Route is the closest to 2001 Holleman Dr W. You can also choose to share a cab to reach your destinations.

Private room at Holleman Drive West, Bryan | Erasmus Play (2024)


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